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Commercial Cleaning

7/24/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning projects are not for the faint of heart. First off where do you start? When walking through with a client what questions should you ask? Should you sell you services or listen? Are you bidding against a competitor or is the job already yours? Maybe your thinking where do I get the manpower to turn a job this size.

The good thing is your not alone. Your clients know this when they ask you to create miracles. However its what you don't say or say when approaching a large job that will either set you up for success or failure.

The SERVPRO way is to approach each job as a separate opportunity. We look, listen, suggest and ultimately draw out a plan that is most effective for our clients. If you know nothing about commercial buildings or structures we recommend that you learn about them. Google is a great resource for this. Get to know general terms that you can find common ground on. Ask probing questions and most importantly research who you are going to see before you get there.

What about pricing? Think about this for a minute when you order a cheeseburger from a menu do you have the opportunity to pay more or less for it depending on how fast or slow you receive it? The answer is no. Commercial buildings always price themselves. Although there is an industry standard that falls within a certain range, that range varies based on several factors. Factors such as, how fast the client wants the job done, will there be overtime, will there be night and weekend work involved, what type of equipment will be needed.

Ultimately whether you are going up against a competitor or not; cheap services will never win out over good service or great service. At some point something has to give. Customers expect the same outcome no matter your price. Our advice is to be fair an reasonable with all the wiggle room needed to perform the task at hand professionally and properly.

We have completed many commercial cleaning projects that have overwhelmed others. SERVPRO of NE Greenville County is always happy to help when needed.

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