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Humbling Experience in Humble TX

10/4/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Humbling Experience in Humble TX Storm Debris Houston, TX

So many of you know that SERVPRO is a nationally recognized and trusted brand in the field of water and fire damage. It clear to me now that we are a leader in Storm Disaster work as well.

SERVPRO of North East Greenville County was recently called by a local client to assist with his mom and dads flooded home in Humble, TX. We were hesitant at the time to pack up our fans, dehumidifiers and people and make the 21 hour drive. 

After several conversation's with the team we decided that now was as good as any to make a difference for people. We traveled with a crew of 12, took 3 vans, a motor home as well as two generators and 3 trailers filled with equipment. 

As we pulled into neighborhoods the feeling of purpose set in. People needed us, but we needed them too. During the day to day work that SERVPRO employees experience it is easy to get lost in the routine.

Storm was a reminder of why we do this work. It was a reminder of why SERVPRO cares. For our franchise this was a much needed sense of worth. SERVPRO of North East Greenville County was and is happy to be a part of the #houstonstrong community.

Hurricane Season

7/24/2017 (Permalink)

With Hurricane season upon us its always important to be prepared for the "when it happens" not the "what if". It is inevitable that if you live along the cost or within a few hundred miles of it you will ultimately meet one of natures most forceful powers. With thousands of articles written every year in regards to hurricanes what new information can we learn? 

SERVPRO of NE Greenville County has learned many things while traveling the country and providing clean-up services from hurricanes Katrina, Sandy to massive flooding in Louisiana and the South and North Carolina coastal regions.

What we have learned is simple. Number one is people wait to late to vacate their residences and property. Number two those that stay typically do not have enough water on hand to make it but a few days. Number three individuals do not take into account just how long they may be without power, water or any other necessity that they may need to live.

Storms are always devastating in one way or another, but they do not have to be compounded by the will to wait it out. The only tip that matters in the world of a hurricane is to pack up and hit the road. This ensures you and the civilian workers safe passage so that you may be able to restore your place to "Like it never even happened." condition.

SERVPRO of NE Greenville is always here to help.

We Do Repairs

7/24/2017 (Permalink)

General We Do Repairs Replaced Floor Joists

SERVPRO of NE Greenville County is much more than a restoration company. We are a repair company too. Did you know that many insurance carriers prefer having one company do it all? We have been providing repair services for over 5 years and have made many projects much easier than they would have been.

We recently restored several old floor joists for a gentleman who had a water damage. When we removed the wet flooring we found termite damage that had affected the structure. Its always nice when as client asks if we can "do that". When the answer is yes its always sweet.

Our franchise has completed repair projects in excess of $500,000.00. There truly is not a job to big or small that we are not capable of performing. 

SERVPRO is much more than a Restoration company we are a Repair and Cleaning Company too. Our goal is to leave your job site "Like it never even happened."

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Work Place Safety

7/24/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Work Place Safety Safe Work Place Large Loss

Did you know that there were 2.9 million workplace accidents that occurred last year alone? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics this amounts to 3 injuries per 100 workers?

SERVPRO is constantly working to ensure that "Slips, Trips and Falls" are limited. We are well aware that 38% of all on the job deaths occur from falls. Another 8% from Electrocution. Why is this important for SERVPRO to address?

SERVPRO is the leading provider of restoration services nationwide. With over 1,700 franchisees its important to maintain a record of safety throughout the system. 

SERVPRO works with some of the largest equipment out there while performing its restoration services for both commercial and residential clients. We follow all OSHA and Government regulations to make sure that we are providing a safe working environment for our people while providing our clients with a safe living environment, "Like it never even happened."

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Commercial Cleaning

7/24/2017 (Permalink)

Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning projects are not for the faint of heart. First off where do you start? When walking through with a client what questions should you ask? Should you sell you services or listen? Are you bidding against a competitor or is the job already yours? Maybe your thinking where do I get the manpower to turn a job this size.

The good thing is your not alone. Your clients know this when they ask you to create miracles. However its what you don't say or say when approaching a large job that will either set you up for success or failure.

The SERVPRO way is to approach each job as a separate opportunity. We look, listen, suggest and ultimately draw out a plan that is most effective for our clients. If you know nothing about commercial buildings or structures we recommend that you learn about them. Google is a great resource for this. Get to know general terms that you can find common ground on. Ask probing questions and most importantly research who you are going to see before you get there.

What about pricing? Think about this for a minute when you order a cheeseburger from a menu do you have the opportunity to pay more or less for it depending on how fast or slow you receive it? The answer is no. Commercial buildings always price themselves. Although there is an industry standard that falls within a certain range, that range varies based on several factors. Factors such as, how fast the client wants the job done, will there be overtime, will there be night and weekend work involved, what type of equipment will be needed.

Ultimately whether you are going up against a competitor or not; cheap services will never win out over good service or great service. At some point something has to give. Customers expect the same outcome no matter your price. Our advice is to be fair an reasonable with all the wiggle room needed to perform the task at hand professionally and properly.

We have completed many commercial cleaning projects that have overwhelmed others. SERVPRO of NE Greenville County is always happy to help when needed.

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